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Welcome to Medtour

A sick person has only one wish - to be healthy again. We will make your wish come true, and much more!
If you have problems with your teeth, eyes, bones, muscles, heart, circulatory or respiratory system, psoriasis, if you need plastic surgery or rehabilitation treatment, do not hesitate to contact us. 
Our agency can provide treatment in state-of-the-art private hospitals and clinics in Croatia, under the attendance of leading medical practitioners from Croatia and abroad.
Before, during and after the medical treatment we will offer you and your companions an unforgettable experience in Croatia! Would you like to have a holiday on the most beautiful and the cleanest part of the Mediterranean sea on one of numerous islands, or maybe visit Dubrovnik, or another Croatian site rich in culture from the UNESCO World Heritage List, or visit Plitvice Lakes, Krka and other breathtakingly beautiful Croatian national parks?
If you prefer destinations on the continent, we offer visits to numerous spas, medieval castles, sanctuaries and churches.
You can also find attractive destinations in the countries from the region in our offer - Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia.
Leave all the arrangements concerning your treatment and stay in Croatia to us, from the moment you enter our country - we can arrange your accommodation, at the place of your treatment, as well as any of the tourist destinations, your appointment at a health care facility, and transportation. We stand at your disposal for any other wishes or questions you may have.
Contact us and relax, because we will stop your pain!